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Our name is derived from the Gazing Principle®, practised and developed by the Japanese swordsman and philosopher Musashi.

Musashi’s success was based on a ‘double gaze’ – one eye on the immediate situation (the opponent) and the other on the bigger picture (the wider battlefield), and the ability to switch constantly between the two. Gazing’s approach centres on the human ability to perform under pressure using practical concepts that you can apply immediately.

Structures, Skills and Mindset

We work with people of all ages and abilities, helping them to develop their mindset so that they can perform at their best when they need it most. We’ve worked with school children in Africa and high-powered CEOs; coaches of Sunday sports clubs and the best athletes in the world; we work one-on-one and with 10,000+ strong multinational organisations.

Our principle is simple: Using the Red2Blue technique, we teach you how to achieve control over how you think, react and perform. We develop the structure, skills and mindset you need to perform well when it matters. Our one-page map and tools enable clarity of thought, skill execution and consistent behaviours. You’ll discover how to master the deliberate shift from the overview to the detail regardless of who you are, or what situation you’re in.

A bit about us

Gazing was founded by Martin Fairn, Dr Ceri Evans, Renzie Hanham and John Esposito. The combined experience and expertise of the founding members led to the development of the Gazing Red2Blue and Gazing Performance programmes.

Over 23 years, we’ve supported major business transformations across the globe – from teams of 200 people to over 5,000.

Our role is to equip people to develop their capabilities, manage their way through high pressure situations and deliver results.

Gazing’s principles are designed to be accessible and practical, so whether it’s a major business overhaul, coaching your team to win the big matches, or just managing your day-to-day life, we’ll help you to harness your ability to perform under pressure.

Don’t take our word for it, here’s what members from our global community have to say about Gazing.

Meet the team

​​There are thousands of businesses, large and small, offering various types of training, so what sets Gazing apart? No one can offer you greater proven expertise in maximising the ability of individuals, teams, and organisations to perform to their full potential when the pressure is on, no matter what your field. Gazing works with clients in the UK as well as globally and has the ability to deliver training and coaching programmes in many different languages.

Angela Mosby
Gazing Performance Operations
Alejandro Argüelles Bullón
Gazing Red2Blue Director of Coach Development
Angela Bairstow
Company Secretary
Ian Cochrane
Partner Management
Emmanuelle Dehon
Client Manager
Bede Brosnahan
Director of Operations
Martin Fairn
Chief Executive Officer

Making a difference

When you sign up to become a Red2Blue coach, one percent of the revenue goes towards supporting performance improvement with individuals and teams in developing communities.

We established the Gazing Breakthrough Project in 2009 and, together with our partner CCS in Johannesburg, we support three schools in South Africa – Mphethi Mahlatsi Secondary School, Tetelo Secondary School and H A Jack School.


Gazing has delivered training to help staff and pupils deal with specific challenges including overcrowded classrooms; challenging teacher/learner ratios; lack of resources from textbooks, and furniture to practical teaching spaces; high rates of absenteeism; and poverty in the area, impacting negatively on the school.

We also arrange for kits donated by UK sports clubs to be given to the children in the schools on an ongoing basis. This initiative extends to Jubulani Rugby Club, where we’ve sponsored events, and Rugby Gem of Kenya, where we’ve been providing R2B training support since 2019, as well as kit donation.

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