Adriana Brownlee


Mountaineer Adriana Brownlee is aiming to become the youngest person to complete all 14 8000m peaks. The current record is 30 years 166 days, held by Mingma ‘David’ Gyabu Sherpa, who Adriana was fortunate enough to climb both K2 and Everest with. 

Adriana’s plan is to summit the 14 peaks over 3-4 years, with a goal to complete her mission when she’s 23 years old. She’s already summited three out of the 14 – Mount Everest on May 31st 2021, Mount Manaslu on September 27th 2021, and Mount Dhaulagiri on October 7th 2021.

High altitude mountaineering is one of the deadliest sports in the world. This is a challenge of both mental and physical resilience, power and grit. Gazing is supporting Adriana with one-to-one Red2Blue training so that she can embrace the discomfort and draw on her training to perform at her best when the pressure hits.

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