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The Red2Blue one-to-one programme positions mentality as a critical element of the overall performance equation. We provide mental skills coaching to athletes and individuals tailored to their unique requirements. Our map and tools provide practical guidelines for dealing with the player ‘hotspots’ that exist, or for coping with whatever life throws at them.

What is it?

Anyone who has ever competed or challenged themselves to achieve a goal knows how much pressure can affect performance. The mental component of how an athlete performs is the one that fluctuates most from day-to-day. Yet across the competitive landscape, effective mental preparation remains a mystery for most, either neglected entirely or only considered as a last resort in a ‘must-win’ situation. Too many approaches overcomplicate, oversimplify and overreach.

Our Red2Blue mindset tools don’t just transform the process of preparation; they are easy to apply effectively when it matters most, in the heat of competition. The simple and practical language for understanding what is required to do well under pressure can be applied to all aspects of performance and the life of the athlete.

Who is this for?

We work with a wide variety of individuals from those wishing to level up their careers by harnessing mental resilience to elite sportsmen and women. Whether you’re a sportsperson, student, musician, actor, gamer, chess player, artist or explorer, the Red2Blue one-to-one programme can help you to perform at your very best under pressure.

The faces of Red2Blue​

Learn more about our Red2Blue ambassadors and their amazing achievements.

Louis Alexander

Louis Alexander, a professional adventurer, endurance athlete and charity ambassador, has conquered numerous endurance feats in a variety of environments. At just 22 years old, he’s run 17 marathons in 17 consecutive days, rowed across the busiest shipping lane in the world – the English Channel, and summited some of the world’s most notable mountains including Kilimanjaro and Mont Blanc.

Adriana Brownlee

Adrianna is aiming to become the youngest person to complete all 14 8000m peaks.

Alice Powell & Abbi Pulling

Trailblazing racing driver Alice is managing 19-year-old racing driver Abbi Pulling.

Vicki Anstey

Vicki is a woman of many talents – a fitness professional, a business owner, an adventurer, a motivational speaker, a mentor, and founder of the first UK Barre Fitness Studio, Barreworks. In 2019, she appeared in Channel 4’s SAS: Who Dares Wins, which was the catalyst for her undertaking a mid-Pacific Ocean row.

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