Fostering a growth mindset with Red2Blue

Angela Pritchett, Global Revenue Enablement and Operations Leader at Winningtemp, talks about how Red2Blue helped her to foster a growth mindset within her teams.

Tell us a little bit about yourself

I started my career in Learning and Development and moved into Sales Enablement when it was in its infancy. I’ve worked with many teams across various industries, and each organisation has a different lens on what Enablement is, and how and what it provides to the business.

The most successful organisations look at Sales Enablement holistically – Sales Enablement is ­not sales training. Done well, enablement encompasses processes, skills, mindsets, content, tools, and cultures across every aspect of the customer buying experience for all internal revenue teams; marketing, sales, and customer success.

As part of my role, my focus is in two core areas. The first is supporting businesses to accelerate revenue growth by improving effectiveness and performance across every aspect of the customer journey, providing the right tools, processes, content, training, coaching and data insights. This allows revenue teams to have the right conversation with the right people at the right time.

The second area is focused on shaping the customer experience. This involves driving the development and adoption of these tools, processes, content to ensure the right skills and competencies are in place that lead to exceptional people interactions at every stage of the customer journey, whilst automating processes and ensuring data integrity across systems to provide a seamless customer experience.

How did you get involved with Red2Blue?

Gazing was introduced to me when I joined the business in March 2021. Initially the conversation I had with Martin and the team was about building a programme and methodology to shift mindset from how we sell, to how our customers buy. The goal was to build a common language, processes and set of tools to help win business in current markets but also expand into new markets ensuring consistency across regions and teams.

It was through this discussion that I was introduced to the Red2Blue model, which addressed how to perform under pressure. A growth environment is based on employees with growth mindsets. Red2Blue enabled our revenue teams with the tools and frameworks to ensure they had the ability to perform under pressure by intently focusing on the task at hand and not being distracted by tasks out of their control.​ It also enabled our sales leaders to create a high performing sales culture to support their team skills and mindset under pressure.

What does becoming a Red2Blue business mean to you?

Red2Blue enabled us to have a very simple and clear framework that all our teams can align to and understand. It allowed our teams to be more skilled at zooming out and then zooming in to ensure their attention was focussing on those tasks they can control, and less time getting distracted on those tasks they cannot control. Having a common framework and language allowed us to support each other to develop our mindsets and perform better under pressure.

How was Red2Blue received by your teams?

Growth mindset was not a new concept to Winningtemp employees. However, until Red2Blue, we had not provided employees with any frameworks or supporting mechanisms. The one-page map made it so simple to grasp. The team responded very positively and could relate to how they could use it at work and, for many, also at home with the friends and families.

As a business we now have a structured tool and language that we can use together as one team, helping us all to be more aware of where our attention is focussed and develop our mindset skills overtime to perform at our best, even when the pressure is upon us.

What has been the toughest moment of your career to date and how did you deal with it?

Back in 2010 after working for 11 years as an IT Technology Consultant I got the news I was being made redundant. It was a shock to say the least. I was suddenly back on the market, and I felt like a fish out of water. I wish I’d had the Red2Blue model back then – I’m sure I could have focused better.

As much as you tell yourself there’s nothing you could have done, that it’s part of a process, I found it hard for a while, often distracted by things I could not control. I planned to contact a specific set of companies who I wanted to work for and started my own ‘Hire Angela’ campaign. There were ups and downs, but I kept thinking about the end goal of a new job and an exciting new journey ahead.

The hard work paid off. I was offered my first job in Sales Enablement in a great company working with some very talented colleagues. It was here I began to build a steady and successful Sales Enablement career and I haven’t looked back since.

How does Red2Blue differ from other training you’ve undertaken?

Red2Blue is unique. The one-page map makes it simple to use for your own development and for supporting others.

In any given day our mindset shifts several times, and our behaviours change accordingly. Red2Blue helps you to be aware exactly where your mind is and gives you the ability to adjust your focus to get back on task. It’s not easy sometimes; you can catch yourself as your behaviour adjusts when you are distracted and not feeling at your best.

I find having the map close by allows me to take a check on where I am. I feel calmer having such a simple tool to help me when my mindset is diverted. Having used it now for 18 months, I’m confident that I am more self-aware and avoid being stuck on tasks I cannot control, allowing me to get back on task faster.

What’s the best piece of advice that anyone’s ever given you throughout your career?

‘This too shall pass’ is a quote from Abraham Lincoln. In life, things change fast. We have good times and bad times. I’ve always thought of this quote as addressing the hard times we face and knowing they are only temporary. That was until a colleague provided a new perspective; he said this was also true about the best of times.

Know the hard times will not last for long and the good times should be enjoyed and celebrated, as time passes fast and things change. Enjoy every moment; don’t let them just pass you by.

Is there one piece of advice that you give to others?

Find time for new experiences and seek new perspectives; find time to talk to a diverse group of people; colleagues, friends or strangers. Try new food; travel to new destinations; experience different cultures. Essentially, find opportunities to open your mind to new things and new information and, mostly importantly, share what you learn with others developing yourself and those around you.

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