Podcast: Coach for Success in Sport and Business

Martin joins Emma Doyle, the Energy Coach and Activation Speaker, on The Coaching Podcast

This week, Martin, our CEO, was invited to take part in The Coaching Podcast with Emma Doyle. The podcast focuses on coaching for success in Sport, Business and Life.

Every week, Emma, an Energy Coach and Activation Speaker, interviews sports and business coaches worldwide on her quest to discover ‘What Makes a Great Coach?’ She asks the same four questions of every guest, uncovering valuable insights into the parallels and differences between coaching in sport and business.

In this episode, Martin talks about his best and worst coaching experiences and what he believes makes a great coach. He explains what Control Circles are and gives examples of how Red2Blue athletes are using them to enhance their mindset.

When Emma asks Martin about his own ‘Sliding Door’ moment, he reveals why he chose rugby over being an actor. Martin also talks about how he handled pressure himself as a rugby player, and how Gazing came to be.

You can listen to the whole podcast on Spotify, Apple/iTunes or on Emma’s website.

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