Our training courses are simple and easy to implement, day in, day out. No more boring presentations or flipcharts; no overwhelming binders of work, and absolutely no corporate jargon. Our one page maps will quite literally get everyone on the same page.

Helping your team deliver under pressure

It’s not enough to have a team that can cope – you want to provide them with long-term, sustainable tools, supporting them to deliver effectively and consistently when the pressure is on. Gazing Performance delivers a structure, not a script. We start from where you are, not from where you’d like to be, so that you and your team can apply the tools quickly, when the pressure is on. We use simple steps alongside our trademarked one page map and tools, to ensure the training is easy to implement, simple to understand, difficult to forget, and usable right away.

The Gazing Approach​

Tailored courses – adapted to fit your needs

Simple and Accessible – our patented one page maps and tools

Designed for flexibility and adapted for the digital age. One to many or one to one.

This unique and practical approach to performance coaching arms your staff with the skills to adapt, react and perform even in the most difficult situations. Your team will walk away with the ability to perform under pressure, consistently and immediately.

Programmes Tailored to you

Leadership and Management​

Bespoke programmes to develop and sustain high performance for your business.

Sales and Customer Service

Tailored programmes that enhance sales and service skills for frontline staff.

Conferences and Kick Offs

Inspiring events and activities with practical implementation for your company.

Don’t just take our word for it…

See what others are saying about Gazing Performance. Whether you’re the head of a global sales team, an entrepreneur running a fast paced start-up, or a leader looking to support your team’s overall wellness, our trainers are experienced in developing programmes for the specific needs of organisations and teams just like yours all over the world.

“From time to time I still bump into players at all levels of the game who vividly remember the ‘different’ sessions that we were engaged in . . . players enjoyed the CHALLENGE of being in pressurised situations and finding solutions. Red2Blue enabled them to lead change under intense pressure.”

Brian Ashton – Head Coach England Rugby 2006-2008

“Martin, thank you for bringing out the best in me. You’ve influenced my career for the better.”

Husam Al Zughayyar, Regional Sales Manager UAE & GCC at Epson Europe B.V.

“Gazing training not only helped me from a professional standpoint but also changed the way I think in general.”

Rob Phillip, Solutions & Services Consultant at Xenith – Intelligent Workplace Services

“We have incorporated your language in to our day-to-day activity. I hear ‘blue head’ and ‘stay on task’ being used routinely. At our recent battalion headquarters training we used your concepts and language continuously, and it worked. I found it useful to keep people on task and to operate effectively when under pressure or when the situation changed unexpectedly.”

Senior Officer, Royal Gurkha Regiment, BRITISH ARMY

“Gazing Strategic Account Management remains the best course I have attended.”

Janice Durham, Channel Business Manager at Xerox UK Ltd

Gazing remains some of the best training I have ever received throughout my career and life would have been very different if I hadn’t attended the inaugural week-long course at Wokefield Park all those years ago.”

Mark Ash, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer Altodigital

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